Kito”  is also known as Kito No. 6 and Kito No. 7.


They are a species variant made in the Tokushima Nakagun Kitouson/ Kitoumura. This mountainous region located in Kenzan Nanroku. With the great amount of rain and snowfall, it has the most sunlight being in the southern part of the Shikoku region. Surrounded by 1000m high mountains, the yuzu is produced at about 400 meters high in an area with a great range between warm and cold. It’s even called the “Tibet of Shikoku.”


This unique climate allows the Kitou yuzu to have it’s strong, distinctive aroma and is highly prized in the marketplace. It’s a regular ingredient used at high end ryokan restaurants and lodges all over Japan. It’s been long considered Japan’s best yuzu for it’s aroma and flavor.

It won the prestigious Asahi Agricultural Award in 1977 and secured it’s place in history.


Ougon no mura / MUJI(ougonnomura) /


Kito Mura  /  Yuzu Passion

Nakacho (AEON)